Central Vietnam tour: Summer-only fish market


Here in Vietnam, markets are everywhere. They are where almost everything takes place. They are among the best places for travelers to get an insightful look into the daily lives and habits of the locals. That is why the best group tours in Vietnam often include them in the list.

There are ones open as early as 3 A.M. There are also ones open only at night. And at markets, you can find so many things at reasonable prices. And most of them have been in operation for many years. Not to mention, items here also carry part of the Vietnamese’s identity since they are made for the locals. Though today, there are many geared towards tourists, goods here are still relatively cheaper and more interesting.

Markets in Vietnam are diverse and fun. They are just interesting destinations to add to your trip. Vietnam is undoubtedly an exotic land where the most bizarre things can happen. It is definitely a promising destination to discover with your best companions!

If you are looking for something really special, central Vietnam group tours to Tam Tien fish market is a great choice!

100 kilometers from the city of Danang is Tam Tien fish market. But it is not always there. What is special is that it only opens during the summer months.

It is located at Phuoc Loc beach of Tam Tien Commune, Nui Thanh District, Quang Nam Province.

15 years ago, it was founded by the people of two hamlets – Phuoc Loc and Ha Quang. In its infancy, there were only small stalls to sell and buy various sea products on Phuoc Loc beach. It was only enough for their daily meals and the prices were low. At first, there were only fishing traders.


Fresh fish for customers to choose

Around 4 AM, fishermen came back to the shore with their boats full of shrimps and fish. Footsteps, calls, and chatting sounds make the atmosphere of the coastal market much more exciting. But only till around 8 in the morning, all became quiet. This is the ideal time for you to enjoy your central Vietnam group tours in a private time with a peaceful atmosphere. You can walk across the seashore and feel the fresh and cool air of the sea in the early morning. How great it is!


A boat full of seafood

Years after years, it started to develop. With high horsepower boats and modern means of fishing, the people can produce more to satisfy greater demands of customers. Now, there are buyers from everywhere. People from Quang Nam Province come here to buy fresh seafood. Some from Quang Ngai Province also come to buy fish and shrimps for their trade. On your Central Vietnam tours, you may catch sight of curious visitors from other places too. They come only to know and enjoy the beauty of the sea and the fresh food.


The lively atmosphere of the market

Now, it operates for only 6 to 7 hours a day. But it is still considered to be an important sea product trading point for retail and wholesale of Nui Thanh District.

The people patiently wait for boats to come back to the market after a long fishing trip. There are about 50 to 60 boats that go fishing every day. They have to go from 4 PM on the previous day.


The boats that go fishing

When the first sunrays make their appearance, fishing boats also come back. At around 5 AM, a new morning at Phuoc Loc fishing market begins. There are small and simple stalls on the sand. Sometimes, people use only baskets and a few sponge boxes. The seafood is from the long fishing trip. They bring their seafood on the beach for guests to see and choose. The most popular ones are fish, squids, shrimps, and snails. Seafood is not the only thing they sell here nowadays. There are all kinds of fruits, vegetables, household products and clothes. Whatever the people need, they now have it here. And compared to other places, the food here is fresh, high quality and relatively cheap. That is why it is attracting so many people from other areas.


They are all from the previous night trip

Tam Tien fish market really takes out the silence of this small sea in the area.

Visit this place with your group of friends. And why not book a central group tour in Vietnam to get rid of the hustle and bustle of the busy daily life and then enjoy the peaceful atmosphere in here?

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