Exploring Famous Fairs In Ha Giang

Pho Cao fair

Fairs have become indispensable cultural activities of Vietnam ethnic people, especially in the lives of people in upland Ha Giang. Apart from the purpose of trading, exchange of goods, this kind of market is also the place for their cultural exchanges. Today, Ha Giang tour would like to introduce you to the most outstanding fairs there.

Khau Vai love market, Meo Vac district

Love market is only held once a year, usually on 26th and 27th March lunar year. This is a unique market in the Ha Giang rocky plateau which is a fairly large and flat valley in Khau Vai commune, more than 20 km away from Meo Vac town center.

Love market in Ha Giang

Love market in Ha Giang

Khau Vai love market was originally a dating place of those who had failed to be a couple or for those who intend to find a new partner. It is also the traditional night market of Mong ethnic people. Though it is called the market there are no buyers and sellers there. The old couples who love each other but cannot get marry or stay together will attend the fair to meet ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend. Besides, some young people also come here to find a new partner.

So Khau Vai love market is not merely a place for the exchange of goods, serving consumption but it is also an important tourist destination, a cultural center, a festival of love between people and people, the most significant expression of the cultural identity of the nation. Thus, it is really a good place for your Ha Giang tours that you cannot miss. Taking part in the love market is one of the worthy things to do in Ha Giang because tourists can learn the new unique culture and have new friends contemporaneously.

Du Gia Market, Yen Minh district

Located more than 60 km from the center of Yen Minh town, the Du Gia market takes place every Friday and only lasts until noon. Ran in the center of the commune, the market is quite wild and bold ethnic culture of the uplands. Arriving Du Gia with Ha Giang day tours, visitors will understand how the life of the compatriots is.

Pho Cao market, Dong Van district

Situated 25 km from Dong Van town, Pho Canh market is famous for being in the Dong Van Plateau on which many tourists concentrate. This is the back market every 6 days, usually only from morning until noon. Pho Bo Market is not only a place to buy goods and local goods but also a place for cultural exchanges between 17 ethnic groups living in border communes. Each market is very crowded, bustling and everyone always dresses in the most beautiful clothing. The ways that the local operate their activities are as fun as a festival.

Pho Cao fair

Pho Cao fair

Central Market of Meo Vac district

The market is in the center of the town, near the stadium and takes place every Sunday and lasts until the evening. People are usually present in the market on the previous night and the market lasts all day. This is the largest market in the system of highland markets with all kinds of agricultural products and household items. Especially, Meo Vac market is also well-known for beef as it provides the huge number of beef and cows to all over the country through traders.

Quan Ba market

Like many other highland areas, Quan Ba, Ha Giang has a regular weekly market session on Sunday. In the market, the local often sell local specialties such as Thanh Van corn wine, bean, meat, brocade, jewelry made of silver. It would be funnier if travelers do Ha Giang private tours to this fair due to the hustling of the area.

Trang Kim market in Quan Ba district

Away from the center of Tam Son town 12 km, Trang fair is usually held on Thursday every week and run until the end of the day. The activities of trading and exchanging goods in Trang fair are quite hectic because it is also adjacent to many neighboring communes and has highways running through. Here you have the opportunity to buy and enjoy specialties such as corn wine, brocade, medicine, tuberculosis, vegetables, and fruits.

Trang Kim market

Trang Kim market

Hopefully, these fairs will be attractions for your Ha Giang tours.

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