Huong Pagoda Festival–The Biggest Spring Religious Festival In Vietnam


Apart from the whole heap of picture-perfect locations and scenic natural beauty, Vietnam is also worldwide famous for its temples, pagodas, and their unique festivals. Almost every commune you visit on your Vietnam heritage tours has a pagoda or temple, most of which celebrate at least one annual colorful festival to satisfy the spiritual thirst of locals as well as feed the travelers’ curiosity about Vietnamese spiritual life.

In our country, all these pagoda festivals are typically celebrated with a magnificent line up of caparisoned elephants, a large number of festival buffs thronged the venue, traditional spiritual forms, and a wonderful display of decorations and often involve enchanting Vietnamese traditional music, old norms, and century-old traditions.


Perfume Pagoda

Perfume Pagoda or Huong Pagoda (or chùa Hương in Vietnamese) located in Huong Son Commune, My Duc District is one of the major and most famous pagodas in Vietnam. This huge complex of revered Buddhist temples and shrines built and tucked into the impressive limestone mountains of Huong Tich is dedicated to Buddha, and other deities of a popular cult and well known for Guan Yin Buddha statue beautifully carved in blue stone, never-ending incense smoke all year round, and especially its fascinating annual festival.  

As a beautiful land of diversity, rich in culture, tradition, and heritage, Vietnam has a lot of Buddhist pagodas and temples with some unique traditions and rituals. The most famous of these temple festivals should be the Huong Pagoda Festival.

Huong Pagoda Festival is annually celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm, as it tells people on their heritage tours in Vietnam a lot about our country’s heroic history, rich culture, and beliefs. These striking features of this festival are a lavish flower, food, and incense tray offerings to show pilgrims’ sacrifice to Buddha, ritual activities, and an awesome boat cruise along Yen Stream to admire the magnificent scenery, etc.


Huong Pagoda Festival’s striking features

Don’t be surprised to witness the whopping participation of festival buffs of all caste, religion, and sex including foreign travelers on their Vietnam heritage tours for family!

  • Where: Huong Son Commune, My Duc District, Hanoi;
  • When: From the 6th day of the 1st lunar month to the very last day of the 3rd lunar month each year.

As the dates of Huong Pagoda Festival depend on the lunar calendar, the exact dates vary year from year. Check out our handy event calendar telling you the exact dates of Huong Pagoda Festival for the forthcoming years.

Huong Pagoda Festival 2019 dates: From February 10th to May 4th;

Huong Pagoda Festival 2020 dates: From January 30th to April 22nd;

Huong Pagoda Festival 2021 dates: From February 17th to May 11th;

Huong Pagoda Festival 2022 dates: From February 6th to April 30th;

  • Distance from Hanoi center: 70km southwest of Hanoi city center;
  • How to get there: By motorbike, bus, or private car from Hanoi to reach Huong Pagoda Site and a VND 120,000 one-way cable car ride to the summit;
  • Opening hours: During the festival season (from the 1st to the 3rd lunar month): From 5.00.A.M. to 8.00.P.M.; from the 4th to the 12th lunar month: From 7.00.A.M. to 6.00.P.M.

When is the best time to experience the Huong Pagoda Festival?


Huong Pagoda Festival

Huong Pagoda witnesses the highest number of tourists during the period from the first days of the festival to the 20th day of the 2nd lunar month. Therefore, if you want to see the Huong Pagoda Festival at its best, plan your trip during that time. Otherwise, if you want to have much more of this excellent experience to yourself, the 3rd lunar month seems better.

In the beautiful land of rich tradition and heritage diversity like Vietnam, you will not have a hard time finding a festival celebration which depicts vibrant decorations, has striking fragrances of never-ending incense smoke, involves heart touching Vietnamese traditional music, and speaks volumes about Vietnamese heritage and tradition. If you love delving into our country’s authentic celebrations, the festival at Huong Pagoda – Hanoi’s most alluring spiritual traveling destination is such a perfect option to fit in the preference of all travelers on their Vietnam heritage tours.

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