Ideal destinations in Vietnam for couples


Vietnam with beautiful natural landscapes, great cultural diverse and low expenses is an ideal destination for couples and families, especially for the ones looking for a honeymoon trip. A lot of tourist agents offer you Vietnam tours for couples but you can make your own trip with these suggestions from vietnaminmymind about perfect places for couple trip.

Dalat city

Dalat has been called a lot of names such as ‘the city of love’, ‘the city of flower’, ‘the city of thousand pine trees’ or ‘the city of misty’. All those names are about how beautiful and romantic the city is. And it’s perfect for couple and honeymoon trip. First of all, Dalat’s weather is cool all year round which is great for relaxing and enjoying.


Cycling on flowery road in Dalat (Source: Internet)

Coming to Da Lat, you will be impressed by so many kinds of beautiful and gorgeous flowers. Flowers are in everywhere in the city, from large fields on the valleys to small corners or on the sides of the streets. Stunning pine tree hills are a special thing in Dalat, too. There are also a lot of lakes, valleys, waterfalls such as Huong Lake, Mong Mo Hill, Love Valley as well as Langbiang highland, Cau Dat tea hill and Cu Lan village. They are all so beautiful and romantic to visit.

In addition, Dalat offers various French ancient architectures such as Dalat railway station, Bao Dai Palace, and some churches. And the city has a lot of nice hotels, villas, and resorts with wonderful position, great architectures and nice service.

There are a lot of activities that couples can do in a Dalat tour such as cycling around the city, walking on pine hill, visiting strawberry farms, flower gardens, exploring night market with a lot of delicious street food and just simply enjoying morning coffee on a good view on a hill.

Danang City

The young and modern city of Danang is another ideal place for Vietnam tour for couples. Impressive city’s architecture, beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes and great nightlife are the best points of Danang which is also great for couples. You can visit Ba Na Hill – the combination of attractive natural sceneries, modern resorts, and entertaining centers. A lot of couples choose Ba Na Hill to take their wedding photos.

Couples can also choose to do some sightseeing around the city, enjoy delicious dishes, and sit in a coffee shop near Han River for a good view. Then, you can go to the beaches which are very near the city, visit temples and pagodas to experience culture and Buddha architectures. Walking along the Han River at night is another good choice for couples. The Bridge of Love along Han River is a very romantic destination where you can pray for your relationship by using love padlocks on the bridge.

Bridge of Love in Danang

Bridge of Love in Danang (Source: Internet)

Danang coastal area also offers you a lot of state-of-art resorts where you can enjoy your honeymoon with the best convenience. Also, from Danang, you can visit the romantic and amazing ancient town of Hoi An.

Phu Quoc Islands

Phu Quoc is an amazing island located in the South of Vietnam, in the Gulf of Thailand. The island is featured with beautiful beaches, islands, stunning seascapes as well as diverse ecosystem and charming and imposing natural sceneries. Phu Quoc is also highlighted with interesting tourism services and activities, modern and convenient resorts, hotels as well as rich cultural and historical values. Therefore, it is always an option for Vietnam tour for couple, honeymoon or wedding anniversary.

Scuba diving in Phu Quoc

Scuba diving in Phu Quoc (Source: Internet)

Couples can enjoy their trips with blue warm water, smooth white sand stretches, and pristine mountainous landscapes. Also, a lot of activities are held on the beaches such as scuba diving to see coral and undersea world, snorkeling, canoeing, fishing, etc. Also, your Phu Quoc tour will be more interesting when you discover a desert island and try to become ‘Robinson’ for one day.

Other great activities for couples in Phu Quoc include exploring old-growth forests with a diverse ecosystem, visiting fishing villages, and visiting fish sauce manufacturers.


If you and your partner are adventurous couples, Sapa is perfect for you when you travel to Vietnam. Besides the romantic and lovely town of Sapa, you can go to explore forests, mountains, and ethnic people’s life. Conquering Fansipan peak is one of the greatest things that a couple should do together. You can also hire a motorbike to explore local’s tribes, mountainous areas and enjoy beautiful landscapes along the road. If you go trekking, make sure to hire a local guide so that you won’t get lost in the jungle.

Terrace field in Vietnam

Terrace field in Vietnam (Source: Internet)

Your trip will be full of unforgettable memories when you stand together on the peak of Fansipan, surrounded by cloud and immense nature; or when you dress up like local ethnic people and dance around the campfire; or just waking up in a homestay with the view to terrace fields. Imagine that and you will see how amazing it is!

There are a lot of other ideal places in Vietnam for couple tour such as Ly Son Island, Nha Trang, Halong Bay, Hoi An town, etc. Just choose one place and create beautiful memories together, so that your relationship will become sweeter, happier and long-lasting.

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