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Phú Yên is hiding an offbeat coastal heaven that may drive you crazy


Thinking of mapping out the best tour in Vietnam, you may somehow never hear of this brand new name. Phú Yên is a province which holds in itself a diversified complex of mountain ranges, rivers, lagoons as well as fertile plains running along a nearly 200 kilometers of shoreline in the country’s Southern Central coast. Lied not so far off from its Southern neighbor, Nha Trang, Phú Yên occupies a huge potential regarding pristine natural and cultural values that are waiting to blow your mind away while not needing to visit the touristy Nha Trang. Check out a sample itinerary of 4 days and 3 nights Phu Yen Vietnam tour below to see what you can be offered.

Embark your arrival and explore a part of Phú Yên on the first day

From other big cities in the country, you can easily catch a domestic flight to Tuy Hoà Airport. Bãi Xép – a famous scene in a newly released Vietnamese movie “Yellow flowers on the green grass” along with Gành Xép, a harmonious complex of the high clear sky, the deep blue ocean, the vast stone cliff, the endless grass field will be your next favorite things.


The endless Bãi Xép

Coming up next, Mằng Lăng Church is a religious site that should be put in your first-day list. The place is known to obtain the oldest Bible written in Chữ Quốc Ngữ, which is widely referred to as the modern Vietnamese language used nowadays.


The Bible written in modern Vietnamese

Taking awesome photographs at Gành Đá Đĩa is what you can choose to do next. Gành Đá Dĩa is a local term for an enormous topography, the Cliff of Stone Plates, where you cannot find anywhere else. The Cliff lasts for nearly 30 meters in width and 200 meters in length, containing various pieces of stones overlapping vertically. The whole landscape accordingly gives you a feeling of witnessing a giant bunch of plates displayed in the middle of nature.


Cliff of Stone Plates

When the Sun stars to disappear, it would be great if you can spend the last hours of the first day enjoying seafood at Ô Loan Lagoon, especially the sweet and crunchy blood cockles, a specialty in Phú Yên that even local Vietnamese fall in love with.


Phú Yên blood cockles

Explore Đại Lãnh Lighthouse and Vũng Rô Bay on the second day

After breakfast, start heading straight to Đại Lãnh Lighthouse where the first sunrise is welcomed all over Vietnam. Afterward, visit the most sought-after sites that were greatly featured in the movie “Yellow flower on the green grass” and get a better understanding of a truly pristine Vietnam. When your lunch is over, it is time to dive right in the cool waves of Đại Lãnh Beach, one of the most stunning seaside in Central Vietnam and spend the rest of the day having seafood and strolling around Tuy Hoà downtown at night on your own. What a pleasant day to make it a part of your Vietnam luxury tours.


Đại Lãnh Lighthouse

Start your third day full of historical and cultural values in Tuy Hòa with Bảo Lâm Pagoda and Nhạn Tower

Let’s make Bảo Lâm Buddhist Temple your first destination on the third day. The Pagoda is followed by Nhạn Tower, which can be seen as an icon for Phú Yên. This is basically a Champa remnant building which sits on a slightly flat ground near Nhạn Mountain and close-by Đà Rằng River.

What are other delicacies that you can try in Phú Yên? The list includes Tuna, Pork porridge with Vietnamese rice vermicelli sheets and of course, the sensational blood cockle.


Nhạn Tower

Farewell to Phú Yên on the last day

Either Phú Yên is just your regular vacation or a Vietnam luxury tour for your family, it is still worth three days visiting. During the very last hours of your trip in Phú Yên, do consider getting some souvenirs in a local market before moving forward to your next travel paradise in the country.

Lied not too far away from Saigon or Danang, you can easily take a train, a night sleeping bus to a domestic flight to enter Phú Yên. By picking this off-the-beaten-track shoreline, you would have zero worries about getting stuck in the middle of a highly touristy place. If you are on a relaxing holiday, Phú Yên will definitely not let you down if you list it as a part of your Vietnam luxury tour.

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