The best Vietnam culture tours – Cua Van fishing village


Vietnam culture tours today will bring you to Cua Van fishing village. It is one of the most magnificent fishing villages not only in Vietnam but also in the world. 

The origin of Cua Van fishing village

Fishing villages are always perfect places to have a culture tour in Vietnam. And Cua Van Village is definitely the best destination. It was mainly original from two ancient villages: Giang Vong and Truc Vong. Together with limestone-mountains, the village is an integral and unique part of Halong Bay.


Cua Van village floating house

There are over 300 residents living in the village and working as fishermen. They build floating houses along the side of limestone-mountains. Their generations have been living on boats, floating houses and profoundly connected to the ocean for ages. Especially, children here have known how to row boats and swim since they were 4 to 5 years old.

Where is Cua Van fishing village?

Cua Van fishing village is specifically located in Hung Thang Ward, Halong City, Quang Ninh Province. The area around it is covered by smooth waves and many high limestone-mountains. Therefore, the village is an ideal port for boats and small ships.

One special feature that you can immediately notice when visiting the village is that it is situated offshore. It can be hundreds of kilometers far from the shore. Although the floating houses are small and seem fragile, they have stayed firmly in the middle of the sea for years.

How to get there?

The easiest way and also the only way for you to get to Cua Van village is taking a boat. You can ask the receptionists where the nearest port to the village is. It can be Beo Port or Monkey Island Resort. Some hotel receptionists can even contact you to boat owners if you want. And one ride takes only about 30,000 dongs ($1.32).

What makes Cua Van fishing village so fascinating?

  • One of the 16 most beautiful villages in the world


An ideal place for boats

There are many reasons why you cannot miss Cua Van fishing village while taking Vietnam tours. If Halong Bay is a captivating natural landscape, Cua Van fishing village is an exceptional wonder of the human. In 2012, it was listed as one of the 16 most beautiful villages in the world by, a traveling website.

There were three criteria used by the website to pick out those villages, including their ancient traits, graceful beauty, and exclusive traditional cultural features. Cua Van was chosen due to having a combination of all of those criteria.

The village is impressive not only because of imposing limestone-mountains but also due to romantic landscapes. Particularly, on cloudy days when clouds cover almost all the tops of the mountains, you will be able to see the floating houses appear in the fog.

Watching the colorful roofs making the entire site a mysterious painting on the sea, you would have to agree that’s decision was absolutely lucid.  

  • Simple but eventful life

Despite having low standards of living, the villagers in Cua Van seem to be completely satisfied with them. In fact, they know how to cope with difficulties and learn to appreciate what nature gives them. In case you take Vietnam cultural tours, you will have a chance to join in the villagers’ performance nights.

That is when they gather around the boats and start showing their voices in traditional ditties as well as folk songs of Halong City. Although their life has various obstacles, they are always optimistic and have an extraordinary mental life. It is genuinely something that all of us need to learn from.

Another feature that can make us, even more, admire the people here is their awareness towards the environment. The natural resources and environment in the village are always preserved very well. The floating houses are kept extremely clean and tidy.

Furthermore, the citizens here pick up the trash on the sea every day, save the water supply, and are always aware of reducing waste matters dumped into the ocean.

  • Unique from-father-to-son tradition


Little sailors in cua van village

As you already know, there are over 300 residents living in Cua Van Village. Most of them work as fishermen. And they do not automatically possess professional abilities of fishermen. One reason why they are so skillful is that they consider the ocean as their home. There is an invisible bond between them and Halong Bay. The villagers are both spiritually and physically bound to the ocean.

In fishermen’s families living in Cua Van, all members are sailors. Children learn how to bait up when they are only 5 or 6 years old. Those who are a little more grown-up are expert in drawing a net. And when they are married, they must know all of the skills in fishing. Then, they will teach their children those skills and their children will do the same thing to their grandchildren.

This from-father-to-son tradition helps residents in the village reunite and live together for ages. This is one of the most interesting fact that you can never forget while having Vietnam culture tours in Cua Van village. 

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