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Top tips for your Vietnam travel


More and more foreigners nowadays choose South East Asia in general and Vietnam in particular as their holiday destinations. However, many of them often complain about bad services and situations in Vietnam. vietnaminmymind have listed some tips for your Vietnam travel to avoid those during your trip.

Buy a Vietnamese sim card on arrival

Sim Cards in Vietnam

Sim cards in Vietnam (Source: Internet)

You can buy a sim card through an established provider either at the airport or at any street corner in Vietnam. There usually many telecom booths or store for you to choose from. You should avoid buying sim cards from your hotel because they often put a premium on these services. The most popular brands in Vietnam are Viettel, Mobifone, and Vinaphone. After that, you’re free to sign up for a 3G/4G data plan or get access to a Wi-Fi connection to make calls, send text messages. However, make sure that you turn off roaming before using Wi-Fi.

Be careful about transportation

If you want to enjoy breathing traffic fumes, take a cyclo ride. However, air pollution in Vietnam is becoming worse and worse, you should consider carefully and avoid going out during the rush hours.

Xe om Vietnam

Xe om Viet Nam (Source: Internet)

Besides, you should avoid motorbike taxis called “xe om”. Maybe they charge a little bit less than a taxi for the same distance but the risk of injury in case of an accident is higher and you will not like dandruff in the helmet they give you.

The safest way for you is to take a taxi. But please keep in mind that sometimes, Vietnamese drivers don’t obey the traffic laws. Therefore, ask them not to talk on the phone while driving.

Be careful with Vietnamese currency

Vietnamese curency

Vietnamese currency (Source: Internet)

Exchanging into Vietnamese currency is necessary before traveling to Vietnam. The exchange rate can vary, so please check on the Internet for the exact rate. Besides, you need to be careful with the color of each type of money to avoid confusion. The 100,000 VND and 10,000 VND look similar, the 20,000 VND and the 500,000 are both blue. While most of Vietnamese are honest and they will help you find the exact currency values, a few can take advantages and lie to you. The best advice for you is to count the zeroes written on the money.

Be careful with dog meat, cat meat

You will easily eat them if you do not pay attention. To avoid this situation, learn Vietnamese for this two words (thit cho, thit meo) to distinguish. Even though there was a law that forbids consuming cat meat in 1997, this dish is still somehow popular. On the menu, cat meat is often written as “little tiger” (tieu ho).

Foreigners who travel to Vietnam for the first time usually face with those common situations. To avoid those, we recommend you to book trips through a Vietnam tour operator or company.

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