Tour to Vietnam: Phu Yen’s culinary experience


Phu Yen is located on the central coastal region of Vietnam. It is a land favored by nature and blessed with many scenic spots. Especially, after the “Toi thay hoa vang tren co xanh” (I see yellow flowers on the green grass), visitors flood to this mesmerizing land.

What is more, it is not just the beauty of Phu Yen that keeps visitors coming. Phu Yen is also known as a food heaven!

So the Vietnam family packages here can not only satisfy your thirst for beauty but also the hunger! Come here with family members and go on a memorable trip.

Come here and check it out: here are the top 5 dishes of Phu Yen!

Banh beo (Bloating fern-shaped cake):

Banh beo is a common local snack. It can also be a light meal for some people.


Delicious bloating fern-shaped cakes Phu Yen

It is essentially gelatinous steamed rice with fluffy pemmican, croutons, sauteed onions, and chives. It is served with a sweet and sour sauce. Banh beo is usually served in small bowls in a set. Each bowl is only as big as a child’s fist. A set often includes 10 bowls, served on a tray.

Although you can find it almost everywhere in Phu Yen, people recommend that you try it at Ms. Mai’s restaurant. You can find it at the foot of Nhan Mountain.

Pour a little sauce into your bowl and try it! Banh beo’s taste is one of the best flavor which tourists cannot forget after their culinary tours to Vietnam.

Banh canh he (Chive noodle soup):

Banh canh he is one of the specialties you have to try when you come to Phu Yen.


Unique chive noodle soup

There are two types of noodles that can be used: tapioca and flour. You can also ask them to put both in your portion with the fish. The tasty soup with its grilled fish and the light scent of chives keeps you wanting more of it!

Tuna eyes:

This is a typical dish of Phu Yen – a must-try for visitors coming to this region!

As odd as it may sound, many people love this exotic dish.


Try these tuna eyes in Phu Yen

The tuna eyes are usually steamed with Chinese herbs. The fish eyes’ size and fattiness make it a bit too much for some people. Many say that it is also very aromatic because of the herbs. That is why the locals recommend you eat it with raw vegetables to harmonize the taste.

If fish heads are not your thing, you might feel a bit intimidated by this bizarre dish. Big round tuna eyes with jujubes, scallions, and other herbs in a pot might not be very appealing to you.

Add some greens, try the broth and take a bite of those greasy eyes, you will not be disappointed! The flavors are artfully combined to bring you a pleasant culinary experience in Vietnam family tours.

This is surely an interesting dish that you have to try!

So huyet (blood cockle)

Another must-try specialty for our food lovers!

You could see now that the local people just love their fresh seafood. And blood cockle is one of their favorites!


Yummy blood cockles

The blood cockles here are thick, sweet and amazingly delicious! And there are just so many ways you can prepare them: make a soup, roast with chili salt and tamarind sauce, grill with onions or steam with lemongrass. The most common way is to stir-fry them with Vietnamese mint.

And, although you can find it elsewhere, people really recommend O Loan Lagoon. It is located at the foot of Quan Cau Pass near National Highway A1.

So put it on your bucket list and remember to try this amazing dish when you come here.

Oyster porridge:

This is a popular dish served as breakfast in Phu Yen.

It is not that rare and you may find it in other coastal cities as well. But, you should not miss the chance of getting fresh seafood at a reasonable price. It will be a great feeling when you go out and eat a bowl of warm oyster porridge with your family in the morning on the Vietnam family tours. The oysters are fresh and delicious and the porridge is not too thick. And remember to add some pepper and coriander!


Nutritious oyster porridge

Remember that it will taste better when you are accompanied by your loved ones!

So what are you waiting for? Book your family tour to Vietnam and visit Phu Yen now!

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