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Vietnamese culture is arguably still mysterious and unknown to most people outside this S-shaped land. Today, more and more foreigners, travelers and businessmen alike are going to Vietnam to get to know its unique cultural identity.

Joining a Vietnam culture tour, you will have a chance to explore some of the top must-see destinations in Vietnam, to get a real taste of our rich culture, custom, tradition, and history and to be taken deep into our stunning country. It’s time to immerse in the hidden beauty of our country. Here vietnaminmymind has gathered a list of top culture destinations in Vietnam:

Co Loa Citadel

Co Loa Citadel

Co Loa citadel (Source: Internet)

Situated 16km north of Hanoi's Old Quarter and dating back the 3rd century BC, Co Loa is a very large site and a lot of effort, labor and other resources came into the making of this fortress.

With a few of the ancient ramparts remaining but difficult to find among the more recent constructions, the ancient, spiral-shaped Co Loa Citadel was the first fortified citadel in Vietnamese history and became the national capital during the reign of Ngo Quyen (AD 939–44). The main draw here is the oldest building still extant (though Cham and Sa Huynh culture are much older), the most large-scale structure and the most unique in the history of the ancient Vietnamese.

Legend said that Co Loa was built following the spiral construction with 9 loops, but now 3 ingeniously arranged of which still exist. Coming at Co Loa Citadel, you can pay a visit to three sites: the 20th century temple dedicated to the king himself (An Duong Vuong temple), which has a good display of Buddhist statuary; a small pagoda dedicated to the king’s daughter – Mi Chau – the first princess of Ancient Au Lac State and the Am Mi Chau pagoda, which now houses a museum displaying a lot of precious archaeological finds from the area dating back as much as 5,000 years, including: Co Loa bronze drum, bronze arrows, plows, bronze coins, bronze axes, objects made of terracotta, ceramic, etc.

An Duong Vuong Temple

An Duong Vuong temple (Source: Internet)

You can also take time to visit a reflecting pond with a statue of King An Duong Vuong shooting a bow and arrow; the Pearl Well, whose water is believed to be able to brighten pearls and Co Loa Village’s communal house – the base of Ngu Trieu Temple where the officials discussed the countries situations.

One cultural heritage, evidence about Vietnamese creativity and technical proficiency as well as the ancient Vietnamese culture, Co Loa is a must-visit destination on your Vietnam culture tour.

Yen Tu Pagoda

Yen Tu Pagoda

Yen Tu pagoda (Source: Internet)

Earning its name as the Buddhism capital of Dai Viet, Vietnam’s former name, Yen Tu Pagoda in Thuong Yen Cong Commune, Uong Bi District, Quang Ninh Province is a place to go to reach the highest religious bliss.

110km from Hanoi capital, Yen Tu, which includes 11 pagodas and several accommodated structures bearing legendary stories of Vietnamese King Tran Nhan Tong leaving the court to follow a religious life in Yen Tu in the thirteen century, is considered as the Buddhist capital of Vietnam has an irreplaceable position in the hearts of all Vietnamese.

Situated within the majestic arched mountain range of north-eastern Vietnam, Yen Tu is worldwide well known for its imposing landscapes, spectacular historical relics and ancient pagodas: Dong pagoda looming dimly in clouds and fog at the height of 1,068m, where you find yourself at the top of the pristine of white cloud surroundings; Hoa Yen pagoda with bushy ancient pine trees or Van Tieu pagoda at the height of 700m, etc.

Dong Pagoda

Dong pagoda (Source: Internet)

On your Vietnam culture tour, do not miss Yen Tu Pagoda, especially its festival taking place every spring from the 10th day of the first month to the 3rd month of Lunar New Year. In the cool weather of spring, Vietnamese from all regions prefer following the track for a leisurely climb to all the tourist sites in Yen Tu to express their devotion to Buddhist, get away from worries of the world, to get a peace of mind and heart, to pray for good things, health or lucky or learn about Buddhist sect.

The beauty of Vietnam is found in not only its jaw-dropping sceneries, its warm-hearted people but also its rich culture.

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