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Trekking which means long walks is a form of the adventure tourism outdoor picnic in the wilderness. Pedestrians use the only means of transport is their feet. They have to walk, usually carry their own clothes and go to the forest, mountains, villages which are far from the centre with no means of transportation. It takes a lot of time. They will face many difficulties, even dangerous. The trekking paths are often very wild, but also many interesting surprises. Trekking helps physical exercise, have health benefits, challenge the feeling of being conquered and immersed in wild nature. And it is very important that trekking is different from climbing. Trekking activities are not the same as other forms of tourism for a number of reasons. Weather conditions and terrain affect migration plans of trekkers more than travelling by other means such as motorcycles.

Vietnam has many interesting places which are suitable for trekking people. Many people still assume that the mountains with clouds around the year only appear in the North of Vietnam, but this post will introduce top destinations for trekking in southern Vietnam.


Trekking outdoor recreation or outdoor activity

The first place to be mentioned is Cam Mountain in An Giang province. Being the only mountain in the West which has many the rivers, Cam Mountain is a bold point emerging between the rich plains. There are many legendary, mystical myths here that attract many people to explore and conquer. The road up to the mountain looks remotely like a long snake which is lying across from the foot to the mountain peak. Each elevation has various interesting things. If the trip starts early in the morning, travellers will see clouds flying over the land spreading across vast rice fields.


Cam Mountain (An Giang)

Next to that is Ta Cu Mountain in Binh Duong province. Ta Cu Mountain with an elevation of 649 meters is an attractive destination in Binh Thuan province. It is about 28 kilometers from Phan Thiet city, near Ke Ga lighthouse area, so trekkers can mix to go both. To climb to the top of the mountain, trekkers have to climb over 3000 meters in primary forest with slopes up to 45 degrees.


Trekking and camping in Ta Cu Mountain

Continue on the list is Ba Ra Mountain – a mountain in the South East. It is less famous and lower than the two mountains above. It is 723 meters high and is located far from Saigon in Phuoc Long town, Binh Phuoc province. However, it can be said that Ba Ra is a cool and beautiful place because it is located in the area adjacent to the Central Highlands, and the weather here is very pleasant. Up the mountain, looking out is immense and extremely romantic Thac Mo lake.


Ba Ra Mountain

Ba Den Mountain is the highest mountain in the South East with the attitude of 986 meters. It is located in Tay Ninh province. This is a popular place in the South of Vietnam for many trekking tours. Ba Den Mountain attracts many people to climb mountains, go trekking every week. From the top of the mountain, trekkers will see the whole city of Tay Ninh below, and looking at the distance, you also see Dau Tieng Lake and Cau Mountain in Binh Duong province.


Ba Den Mountain


Conquering Ba Den Mountain

The last place I would like to mention in this article is Bidoup Mount in Lam Dong province. Bidoup is the highest mountain in the mountain system in Bidoup National Park with a height of over 2000 meters. To climb to the top of Bidoup Mountain, people need to spend two days for this trip with the trekking trail near 30 kilometers.


Trekking Bidoup Mountain

 If you are the first- time climbers with moderate health, you can choose the journey as the first day from the 723 Road to the campsite near the mountain. It is about 17 kilometers. The second day, you can go from the campsite to the top Bidoup Mountain and go down the mountain at Long Lanh station. This road is about 10 kilometers.

In short, there are many mountains in the South. However, not only the south but also our whole country has many places for trekkers to experience. Then plan to do exercise now by making Vietnam tours.

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